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Airbag History

Auto_Accessories_Car_Air_BagSomething like an airbag was used in aircraft’s equipment in the 1940s, the first patents were made in the 50s.

American inventor Allen Breed created the main component for using airbags in automobiles, it was ball sensor for determining the collision. He introduced his invention in 1967 to the Chrysler company. At that time, the Americans rarely wore seat-belts and such innovation, which helped to protect unfastened passengers in case of frontal collision, was in great demand.

Ford created an experimental cars equipped with airbags in 1971 (Ford Taunus 20M P7B). In 1974, twin airbags were optional on some large-sized cars, which were produced by Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile brands. These devices were not so popular in the auto market.

In the 70s, the party of 10 000 cars produced by General Motors, which were equipped with airbags, faced with seven deaths. It is assumed that one of them happened because of the airbag. The force of the hit was small, but suffered a heart attack. Anyway, the NHTSA made a proposal to install airbags in all produced cars.

Then in 1983, Mercedes-Benz re-introduced the airbag as an option in its latest model W126. This system was made so that airbag was no longer a means of replacing the belts, but as a way for further protection of the passengers.

Airbags became very popular in the 80s, when “Ford” and “General Motors” companies in the mid-80’s made airbags a standard equipment. The “Autoliv” company, specializing in the development of automotive safety systems, patented side air bags in the mid 90s.

July 11, 1984, the U.S. government forced to equip cars with the airbag for the driver or automatic seat belts.

In 2006, Honda introduced the first airbag system for motorcycle, implemented in the Gold Wing model.

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