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Car Lights History

Auto_Accessories_Car_LightsSince the creation of the car it was a question of the 24h possibility of using the car. So, the car lights became an answer.

The earliest lamps used kerosene, but it didn’t solve the problem of lighting in general. The pilot and aircraft designer Louis Bleriot in 1896 proposed the use of acetylene lamps. Such lamps at that time were used as a locomotive lights. First driver had to open a tap with acetylene, open lights and only then burn with a match.

Starting from 1920 electric lamps were used. More expensive cars were equipped with individual lights for high and low beam. Capacity of such units was different: for the low beam was 30W, for high beam headlamp – 50W. This allowed to the driver to switch between the lights and it was much more convenient.

The power and range of light was increased by Ivan Petrovich Kulibin’s design of the parabolic reflector.

Later the manufacturers began to complicate the design of lamps. Halogen lamps were in massive use because of the better performance and greater reliability. The weight of the batteries was also reduced due to the appearance of the car generator, which removed the problem of recharging the batteries at the stations.

Another area of upgrading of the lighting technology was to change the form of lights. In 1961 Citroen tried to use square headlights. This improved the car’s aerodynamics and increased light output by using the Hell’s reflector.

Thanks to the modern computers technologies, it is possible now to perform calculation and production of headlamps with different shapes, which will be suitable for the car design.

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