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Auto_Accessories_Car_WheelThe world’s first wheel was made by Robert William Thomson (English). The patent N10990, June 10, 1846.
The test results were published in the “Mechanics Magazine” journal in March 27, 1849, along with a picture of the vehicle. Unfortunately, no one could organize mass production of the invention for the reasonable price. After the death of Thomson in 1873, the invention was forgotten.

In 1888, the idea of the pneumatic wheel arose again. John Dunlop became known worldwide as the author of a pneumatic wheel. Dunlop invented in 1887 to put on the wheels of his 10-year-old son’s bicycle a wide hoops made out of a hose for watering the garden, and inflate them with air. July 23, 1888 Dunlop got a patent for the invention N10607.

The advantages of pneumatic wheel were assessed quickly. Already in June 1889 at the stadium in Belfast, William Hume took part in a race on the bike with pneumatic wheels. Commercial production was started in 1889 in Dublin. Today “Dunlop” is one of the largest companies in the world.

Andre and Edouard Michelin were the first to use pneumatic wheels on cars. They equipped the car with pneumatic wheels for the race Paris-Bordeaux in 1895 and the car successfully finished it.

In the future the major inventions in the field of car wheels were primarily related to increased reliability and durability of them.

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