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Aston Martin History

Aston_Martin_historyAston Martin Lagonda is a british car manufacturer. Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford were at the root of this car brand. The company name comes from the name of the hill Aston Clinton, where one of the founders Lionel Martin got a victory in 1913 on Singer-10.

Since 1994 the company was a part of Premier Automotive Group – division of Ford Motor Company, but in August 2006, Ford decided to sell Aston Martin company. In the II quarter of 2007, Ford Motor Company sold Aston Martin to the consortium of investors led by the David Richards – owner of the Prodrive company ans a longtime fan and collector of the Aston Martin cars. The deal amounted to $ 925 million.

The company is famous for the fact that most models are hand made. Each Aston Martin has a bronze plaque on which the name of the person who was responsible for a particular car is written.

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