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Audi History

Audi_historyGerman auto brand “Audi” is well known around the world for nearly a century. The company “Audi AG” was born in 1910 by court order. As a result of disagreements with partners Horch was forced out of his own company “Horch” founded in 1899.

Some time later, he created a new company in the same city, of course, with the same name. But two firms with the same title in a small town can’t exist: second court decided to give a new name Audi, which in Latin means the same thing, that “Horch” in German – “Listen”.

Prior to the Second World War Audi produced mostly simple cars. However, some special tuned auto models won numerous racing competitions.

In 1950 production of the first postwar car began, it was Auto Union DKW. Since the production of cars in Ingolstadt did not have enough production area, the company bought the territory in Dusseldorf, where until the end of 1961 DKW model was produced.

In 1970 Audi started to export cars in to the United States. First, the export was limited to a Audi Super 90 (sedan and wagon) model, as well as the new Audi 100. Since 1973 sedan Audi 80 joined them. Later, Audi car models got their own designation on the US market: Audi 4000 instead of Audi 80 and Audi 5000 instead of Audi 100.

In 1980, the company designed a unique model – Audi Quattro. This machine had an all-wheel drive transmission. The first Audi Quattro cars were designed primarily for the sport events, where one can check the reliability of the new auto systems, but this model opened a new direction in the mass-produced cars industry.

Since the 90s of the last century, the development of the Audi brand has progressed rapidly. Audi company is one of the leaders in using technological innovations.

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