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BMW History

BMW_historyThe BMW german firm was founded in 1916 by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto, and was named “Bavarian aircraft plants.” At that time nobody could have predicted that the aircraft manufacturer will turn into a cars’ giant.

In 1928, BMW bought the car factory in Eisenach (Thuringia), and after that – a license for DIXI model production. In 1933, the company made first limousine with typical BMW brand logo on it. BMW also released a successfull limited edition (less than 500 copies.) sport coupe model 328.

The Second World War completely destroyed the economy of Germany, and the BMW was no exception. Part of the production was on the territory of the GDR, and the main market – in fact. In 1951 the company produced the first post-war car.

In 1959, having gone through a severe crisis due to losses in the sector of large limousine, the company designs it’s first worldwide known auto model – BMW 700.

In the late 70’s BMW engineers developed digitally controlled engines, and in the early 80’s introduced an ABS system. In 1988 the company started production of the first german post-war car, equipped with 12-cylinder engine – a roadster Z1.

Steadily expanding during the 90s of last century, the german company opens a large number of offices in different countries around the world. BmW bought the Rolls-Royce brand and strated to supply eight-and twelve-engine production for these cars.

Currently, BMW is actively developing new technologies, using them in the latest models of it’s cars.

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