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Bugatti History

Bugatti_historyBugatti Automobiles is a french car manufacturer, specializing in the production of cars in “luxury” class under Bugatti brand. The company currently is a member of the german company Audi AG, which is a division of Volkswagen Group.

In 1987 Romano Artioli Italian bought the Bugatti brand and established Bugatti Automobili SpA. In 1989, the well-known designers Paolo Marcello Gandini and Stanzani, presented plans for a new model of Bugatti brand. It was Bugatti EB110 GT, which was considered to be the most advanced high-tech car.

From 1992 up to 1994 a well known auto designer Mauro Forghieri was a technical director of the company.

In 1993 Bugatti created a prototype of a large sedan EB 112.

In 1995 the german car manufacturer Dauer bought the right to EB110, as well as other Bugatti patents, to start producing his own cars Dauer EB110 SS.

Michael Schumacher was the most famous Bugatti EB110 owner.

In 1998 Volkswagen AG purchased all rights to the car brand Bugatti.

In 1999 Bugatti EB 218 was demonstrated at the Geneva Auto Show, and another Bugatti 18 / 3 Chirona was presented at the Frankfurt.

In 2000, Volkswagen Bugatti Automobiles SAS created and presented in Paris, Geneva and Detroit a new EB 16 / 4 Veyron model, equipped with a 16-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1001 hp DIN (736 kW). Refinement continued throughout 2001 and the model EB 16 / 4 Veyron received the status of “advanced concept” in the mass media.

In July 2005 Bugatti Automobiles SAS proclaimed that the car will be officially named the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. It’s the most powerful mass-produced car model for now.

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