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Cadillac History

Cadillac_historyCadillac was founded in 1902 by Henry Leland. A few months later on the New York auto show a first Cadillac car Model A was presented, but the most popular model was Model D, which allowed Cadillac to become the leader of auto market.

In 1910 Cadillac began regular production of a new car model. Another invention, suggested by Cadillac in 1912, became a starter. This made a car driving process much easier, since one didn’t have to start the engine manually. Women especially appreciated this innovation.

For more than a century Cadillac company successfully sells cars in more than 50 countries, but this auto brand is the most popular in North America (USA and Canada). Over the years, these cars got a special class “lux”, so enjoy the special respect and popularity among the wealthy citizens. After no less famous Buick, Cadillac is the oldest brand of car manufactured in the world. Many car drivers dream of sitting in this magnificent car.

With more than a conservative design, Cadillac is mainly popular among mature customers. Today Cadillac car combines a powerful engine, beautiful interior and great exterior design. Cadillac now belongs to the General Motors concern.

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