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Chevrolet History

Chevrolet_historyHistory of Chevrolet Motor Cars company started in Detroit in 1911. The head of General Motors – William Durand managed to put the company on the verge of bankruptcy and bankers made him to leave the GM head position.

But Durant was not going to give up and decided to do business on behalf of the famous sportsman racer Louis Chevrolet. In 1911 Durand Chevrolet was offered to leave the races and start production of cars under its own name, and the driver agreed to it.

The new car was developed by engineers of General Motors, Duran became an investor, and Chevrolet gave the car his name, which was associated with victory and success. And it was the key to initial success of cars under a new brand – Chevrolet. Date of birth of the new brand is considered to be November 3, 1911.

Chevrolet emblem has become one of the most popular and powerful symbols in advertising. Over the years, Chevrolet brand rightfully earned the love of customers and well known by experts around the world. It’s a symbol of America and American automobile industry.

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