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Fiat History

Fiat_historyFIAT was founded by a group of investors in 1899. One of them was Giovanni Agnelli. In 1902 he headed the company. Signor Agnelli was a retired officer and managed the company with the army discipline and set a strict order. Some original models were created, for example S61 with 10.5-liter engine that won the Grand Prix of France in 1911.

In 1912 mass production of automobiles was started. New cars were designed not only by engineers, but also by artists. FIAT Tipo Zero was the result of such co-working, it had six different facings radiators.

During the 1st World War, FIAT produced aircrafts and tanks (eg FIAT 3000).

Soon FIAT was re-organized according to Ford’s similar scheme.

In 1966, FIAT signed a contract for providing technical assistance to the Soviet Union in the car development. President of the company at that time was Vittorio Valletta. A new car FIAT-124 was designed.

In 1979, FIAT bought Autobianchi and Ferrari. Later, the company gets other famous auto brands – Maserati and Alfa Romeo. So, Fiat became de facto monopoly in the automobile industry in Italy.

Recently, concern was called the Fiat Group. On January 1, 2011 Fiat Group was divided into two concerns: Fiat SpA and Fiat Industrial.

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