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Honda History

Honda_historyHonda car brand appeared in 1946, the foundation day of the Soichiro Honda company. Originally only motorcycles were produced under the Honda brand. However, Honda motorcycles are also very popular today among amateurs and professionals all around the world.

Nevertheless, we could never see the Honda cars. The Japanese government wasn’t sure that Honda should be allowed to enter the automobile market. Honda brand had to compete with Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi, it could hurt the interests of the country.

In 1966 the first small Honda sedans appeared, and in a 4 years the company began exporting cars to various countries. At that time, the company was quite successfull, and engineers began to develop an economical and safe car. Honda Civic was the result of the big work and in 1973 the production was started.

In 1973 Honda cars became bestsellers in the USA and Europe. The price for gasoline raised several times after the Persian Gulf countries’ limitation of oil production, so economy Honda Civic cars were very popular.

Today, a huge number of goods are produced under the Honda brand: cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, scooters, marine engines, generators, pumps, robots etc. The main part of Honda’s success is the cars’ safety, the use of modern technological solutions and original marketing strategy.

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