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Hummer History

Hummer_historyHummer is an american auto company. It is a part of the General Motors concern. It’s specialization is a powerful autos with icreased capacity. Production was organized in Indiana, the city Mishavaka, the plant UAW, owned by the AM General company.

History of the firm began at the time when the US Army had a need for special vehicles. In the summer of 1979 the AM General company began to develop a car with increased capacity. This program was called the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Model 998 (HMMWV M998). People called it simply – “Hamm-vie.”

Developers had the following task: develop a powerful crossroad vehicle with a very spacious interior for soldiers and their equipment. It was supposed to have a big clearance, but at the same time low height.

It took 11 months to develop such a car. Sample car was produced.It was called the M998. Commercially, this car production started in 1981. Today, this car is well known all over the world under the name H1. The results of car testing exceeded all expectations. The military officers were simply amazed. The new all-terrain vehicle matched all needs, standards and requirements of the US Army. This car won the tender, which was attended by the Lamborghini company and AM General. In March 1983 the company received an order to supply the first batch of these cars.

This cars had phenomenal cross road abilities and easy to drive. They could carry a variety of weapons. In the US army Hummer became a major car. While “Desert Storm” operation these cars became extremely popular world wide thanks to tv channels’ videos. The steep slopes of the dunes were overcome without any tension. The most modern tanks M1A Abrams couldn’t compete with this cars.

This was a very powerful advertisement for the company. The Hummer firm started to receive not only military orders, but also orders from individuals. There were a lot of orders. So, a civil model of the car was developed soon. But this car was quite expensive. This made Hummer an elite car.

One of the first customers was world known Arnold Schwarzenegger. After that, the car was bought by many celebrities like: tennis player Andre Agassi, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Sylvester Stallone. Hummer cars are very popular in the UAE and the Middle East. Ironically, in Russia, this car is also very popular.

Soon GM company got the right for distribution and marketing of the civilian version of the Hummer. For the legendary off-road it was a new life stage. In 2000 at the Detroit Auto Show a new Hummer model was introduced. It was called the Hummer H2 and developed by AM General and GM together.

Authors of the project said that it was not the modifications of the first off-road model, but a brand new car, which took a completely different niche. Hummer H2 model is much more comfortable and luxurious than the first model. Indeed, from the very beginning Hummer H2 was created for civil rather than military use. The interior of the model is fully unified with the other interiors of luxury GM off-road cars.

But the most affordable and compact car was a brand new model Hummer H3. This car is made on the same platform as the GMC Sonoma and Chevrolet S10 pickups. It should be noted that the design style of Hummer H3 is the same as in the larger H2.

As for the famous H1, this model is no longer available for civilian market. But the models range of the company continues to expand. The Hummer presented a new compact off-road H4 and a new pickup based on H3.

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