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Hyundai History

Hyundai_historyHyundai Motor Company is a South Korean auto manufacturer. It’s the largest auto manufacturer in the country and fourth in the world.

The company was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-ene and joined the Hyundai group, from which it was separated in 2003. In 1960 the company was engaged in production of the several car models of the Ford company.

In 1972, the South Korean government gave the right to produce the cars to the four companies, one of which was Hyundai. In 1974 it began production of compact Hyundai Pony, the appearance of the car was designed in italian studio Pininfarina. By 1980 the concern had to produce 50,000 cars a year with the 91% localization of production of components, which was done. The first generation of the popular even in nowadays Sonata sedan appeared in autumn 1988. In 1996 company started production of the sports car Coupe.

In 1998 Hyundai bought the Korean auto manufacturer Kia Motors. In 2000 the company created a strategic alliance with DaimlerChrysler, which existed for several years. According to 2006 statistic data, Hyundai plant in the Korean city Ulsan is the largest in the world.

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