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Infiniti History

Infiniti_historyInfiniti is a luxury cars brand owned by a Japanese company Nissan Motor. Infiniti cars are officially for sale in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, South Korea and Taiwan, and since 2007 in Russia and Ukraine. Since the foundation of the brand in 1989 it was sold over a million of cars, mostly in the United States.

All Infiniti models are based on existing models of Nissan. Currently, all produced sedans, coupes and crossovers are built on one platform – Nissan FM. Exception – off-road QX56, created on the platform of Nissan F-Alpha. The names of all Infiniti models are started with 1 or 2 letters and followed by the two digits for the engine power.

Infiniti officially began to sell cars in the United States in November 8, 1989, when the presentation of two models was held in the salons of 51 dealers. However, this project was started by Infiniti in 1985, when a top-secret group Horizon Task Force was formed. The purpose of developing was a brand new high quality luxury car.

At that time leading positions in the USA auto market were occupied by european and american manufacturers. Therefore, Nissan decided to start from scratch, creating a new luxury brand. The Nissan company was associated by consumers with a very “simple” car. So, the name was chosen with a great care: Infiniti. Infiniti brand symbol is an oval shape with the apex of the triangle inside, showing the road, disappearing into infinity. It symbolizes the constant movement forward, commitment to innovation and new achievements.

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