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Kia History

Kia_historyKia is one of the oldest auto companies of Korea. It was established on May 15, 1944, and began to manufacture bicycles.
At that time the company was called Kyungsung Precision Industry. After moving to Busan and releasing several bikes model series, the company was renamed to KIA Industrial Company and built factories in Shayhune. But bikes production was not enough, and the company decided to produce motor vehicles.

Thus, first a motorcycle C-100 was released, then – a tricycle truck and then a car. In the same year, the company signed an agreement with the Japanese “Mazda” and subsequent “Kia” models were equipped with Japanese designs.

It was only in 1972, receiving a license, Kia Industrial Company constructs first gasoline engine. This has become a powerful incentive for the company, and after two years will see the light first Korean car Brisa with engineering developments of the company from Mazda. This car first moved for export.

The company bought the Asia Motors, which produced heavy and medium trucks, as well as all-terrain vehicles for the army. Continuing to produce it’s own cars, which became popular because of good quality, “Kia” got rights to manufacture sedans Peugeot 604 and Fiat 132 for the internal market.

In 1981, “KIA” introduced a family of commercial auto Bongo, and then a truck Ceres.

In 1988, “Kia” produced its one-millionth car, but at the same time, the company didn’t stop the production of commercial vehicles(Rhino and Trade), as well as minibus Besta.

A couple of years ago, KIA released a 10-millionth car, and today the company produces about 65,000 cars a year, family-style, off-road vehicles, standard cars, sedans and commercial vehicles.

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