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MINI History

MINI_historyIn 1959 sir Alec Issigonis presented first compact car Austin Mini. It was almost the first compact car in the UK. Alec Issigonis was a designer and constructor of British Motor Corporation. He had to develop a compact car for four people. As a result, there was a real revolution in the design of compact cars. Special construction allowed to produce cars with 3 meters body length.

1961 John Cooper, designer of Formula 1, was so impressed by this tiny car, that decided to give it a more powerful engine, disc brakes and a contrasting two-tone color. A new sport version was called Mini Cooper and became very popular.

In 1963 a new model Mini Cooper S with a more powerful engine was produced. This car became a legend of motor racing.

In 1964 Mini Cooper won one of the most famous rally in the world: the Monte Carlo Rally. Paddy Hopkirk and drivers Henry Liddona honored as heroes, and the car, fearlessly defied bigger rivals and sophisticated, forever won the hearts of fans of racing. The victory was not accidental: in the following year Timo Makinen team and Paul Easter also rose to the highest step of the podium, and in 1967 Mini Cooper S running Rauno Aaltonen and Henry was again the winner Liddona Monte Carlo Rally.

In 1970 Mini became a best-selling car in Europe.

In 2001 BMW updated the old car plant in Oxford and designed a new model of MINI.

2010-2011 a new model of the retro car was created – 2011 Mini Countryman.

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