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Opel History

Opel_historyOpel AG is a german auto manufacturer owned by “General Motors” concern. The company was founded in 1898 by five Opel brothers and was named in honor of their father, Adam Opel. He was a founder and owner of a factory, which produced sewing machines and bicycles. When their father died, brothers began to produce cars.

The first Opel car was produced in 1902 and had a two-cylinder engine. This model was rather popular, but in 1911 the factory burned down. It was reconstructed in record time, and in 1913 the company produced its first trucks. However, after the I World War the company experienced financial problems and Opel brothers sold the company to General Motors. Opel aimed to lead the car market and focused on producing of small and middle classes cars. This allowed the company to became the largest auto manufacturer in Europe. Opel Olympia and Opel Kadett became iconic cars of that time.

In the forties, the Nazi government nationalized General Motors factories. After the war, some tools and equipment were taken out of factories and transferred to Russia.

Today Opel is well known for its Astra, Vectra and Omega models.

The company now controls a quarter of car production in Germany. It’s on the second place after Volkswagen.

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