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Saab History

Saab_historySaab is a swedish company, which produces cars and trucks. The company was founded in April 1937, at first it produced military aircrafts. After the war Saab decided to produce cars. In 1946 a small class car Saab 92.001 was created. It had a special Saab feature – a great aerodynamic body. The first cars were equipped with a 2-cylinder engine DKW type, which was later replaced by a more powerful one.

Three years later the company started the serial production of the first range of Saab sports cars. They were available in two versions: 92 DeLuxe and Saab Standart 92.

During 1960s the company was famous for its sports victories in international events: Eric Carlson in 1960, 1961 and 1962, won the World Rally Championship on Saab 96, also he won the rally in Monte Carlo in 1962 and 1963.

The company was one of the first to pay attention to the car safety: in 1962 cars were equipped by the seat belts, ventilated discs brakes, impact-resistant door beams.

In 1968 the management of “Saab” decided to integrate with the firm Scania-Vabis (truck manufacturer).

In 1989, the company “General Motors” bought 50 percents of the Saab company, this allowed the corporation to get an another way to the european market.

In 1997 on International Motor Show in the United States a new version of the Saab 9000 – Saab 9-3 was introduced. Since 1993 the company began to develop a new Saab 9-5, it was released in the same 1997. Modern Saab cars have a “Scandinavian design”, which has an elegant simplicity.

In January 2000, Saab Automobile AB company was integrated in to the “General Motors” corporation. In late 2008 “General Motors” announced the sale of the Swedish car manufacturer. About 27 companies were very interested in buying Saab, among them such auto giants as: BMW, Hyundai-Kia Group, Renault, Geely Automobile, Tata Motors, Fiat.

In early 2010, General Motors signed a contract for the sale of Saab with a dutch company Spyker, which produced sports cars. Now Spyker is a brand new company, Saab Spyker Automobiles.

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