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Skoda History

Skoda_historyThe history of Skoda brand started in the end of December 1895 when Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement started to produce bicycles of their own design under the patriotic name Slavia. A few years later, in 1899, the company Laurin & Klement Co. started to produce motorcycles, which soon became very popular and won several awards in racing competitions. In 1905 the company started the production of cars.

Like motorcycles, the first car of Laurin & Klement company called Voiturette A became extremely popular and proved to be an indisputable classics of Czech car. The success of the first car provided a stable position in the rapidly growing international car market, so the company was able to expand production. Production grew so quickly that exceeded the capacity of individual enterprise, and in 1907 the founders of the company began the process of transforming the company into a Skoda corporation. In 1914 International company Skoda participated in the production of military equipment.

In 1925 the company integrated with Pilsen Skoda Co., that was the end of the Laurin & Klement brand. In the early 1930s car production was allocated in to a separate public company ASAP within the Skoda Group of companies. At the end of the crisis of the 1930s the company made a breakthrough with its model Skoda Popular.

As a result of nationalization in 1946 the company was renamed in to AZNP.

After the political changes in 1989 the Czechoslovak government and the company’s management started to search for a strong international partner. In December the government decided to start cooperation with the german Volkswagen Group. In April 16, 1991 Skoda integrated in to the Volkswagen Group along with VW, AUDI and SEAT.

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