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Subaru History

Subaru_historySubaru is a japanese company, which was named by its first president Kenji Kita. Subaru was a result of integration of 6 companies. Since the early days the company worked on the principle: “If you make a car – it must be perfect!”.

First it was founded an aviation company – FHI, which was renamed later to Nakajima Aircraft Co. Ltd. But after the Second World War, aircraft production wasn’t demanded. The company was renamed to Fuji Sangyo Co. ltd and began producing of scooters and bus bodies.

Fuji Sangyo divided into 12 companies and in 1952 the five companies integrated into a FHI. Two years later, FHI created its first passenger car P-1, which was renamed to Subaru 1500. Subaru 360 was produced in 1958, and that was the first car of the “Subaru” company.

Subaru 1000 was the first car with a special Subaru feature – front-wheel drive with the Horizontally-Opposed engine.

From 1980 up to 1990 “Subaru” presented the following models: minibus Subaru Domingo, Subaru Justy, Subaru Legacy.

Since the early ’90s and up to nowdays, “Subaru” produced the world known cars like: Subaru SVX, Subaru Impreza, Sambar EV, Forester, and many other models.

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