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Suzuki Motorcycles History

Suzuki_historyIn 1909, the japanese company “Suzuki Loom Works” was founded by Michio Suzuki. The company started with the production of motorbikes, motorcycles etc.

However, in 1930s the demand for cars increased and Michio Suzuki, decided to produce small cars.

After the II Workd War the company continued on production. A new motorbike Suzuki Power Free was created.

In 1954, the company got a new name Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. At the time Suzuki produced about 6,000 mopeds and motorcycles a month.

In 1963, the Suzuki Motor company warmed up the USA motorcycle market, offering completely different prices level and a wide range of high-quality reliable bikes. At that time company started to produce a new series of the street motorcycles GS, which later became a legend.

In 1986 Suzuki introduced the legendary winner of the races – Motorcycle GSX-R 750.

In 2001 new models of motorcycles appeared – 400 cc Intruder Classic, a big 1.2-liter GS1200SS, GSX1400.

Today Suzuki sells about 2 million motorcycles a year worldwide.

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