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Volkswagen History

Volkswagen_historyVolkswagen AG is a german auto concern, which produces cars, trucks and vans.

In 1934, Ferdinand Porsche, the famous German designer (founder of the internationally known German car manufacturer Porsche AG), was forced by the National Socialist German government to develop a modern car.

And in 1935 the car was developed. It was named “Volkswagen”. After two years of testing in 1937 a VW30 series was put on production. Volkswagen immediately became very popular.

During the Second World War, the manufacturing of Volkswagen cars were suspended, and the unfinished plant was reconstructed for military production.

After the war, the company was controlled by the British government. In autumn 1945, the British authorities ordered 20 thousands cars for the plant. In 1947, Volkswagen got an order for exporting cars in to Hanover and in 1948 began to receive orders from Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden and other countries.

In 1949 Volkswagen went under control of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Proven reliability and reasonable price increased export opportunities for the car. Volkswagen was for sale already in 150 countries around the world.

In 1965 Volkswagen bought the Audi from the “Daimler-Benz” company and created concern Volkswagen-Audi, known by the acronym VAG. Later Spanish firm Seat and Czech plant Skoda were integrated in to the concern.

New generation of Volkswagen cars contained a front-wheel drive Passat model, introduced in 1973. In next year a racing Scirocco was produced as well as a compact hatchback Golf. During the first 30 months of producing it was created one million Golf cars and Volkswagen turned into one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe.

Model Golf I, which appeared in 1974, was the most successful: modern, efficient and reliable. Such model could shake up the international market. Golf opened a new era of competition in the production of a compact cars class, which officially was called the “Golf class”.

In 1983 Golf II was introduced. Golf III followed it in 1991. In 1995-1996 Golf III was the leader by sales in Europe. In 1997 it was the debut of the new Golf IV.

At the present time the Volkswagen concern is one of the largest one by sales in the world, has factories in 15 countries and manufactures products under five brands: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat. In 1998, the concern bought “Rolls Royce” car brand.

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