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Volvo History

Volvo_historyThe Volvo company was founded by businessman Volvo Assar Gabrielsson and engineer Gustaf Larson in 1927. In its first year, 297 models OV4 cars were sold. The first cars for sale had a conservative design and technology, which couldn’t allow the Volvo brand to export its cars outside the country. However, the low salaries in Sweden made it possible to create cheap cars and sales grew up, especially in America.

In 1947, it was introduced PV444 – the first compact car model for sale, which had a 4-cylinder engine and a good competitive price. Also, it was the first mass model for sale. During 9 years, it was sold about 100,000 cars. Another compact model was Amazon (known overseas as the Volvo 120), during 14 years it was exported about 667 000 cars.

Thanks to PV444 and Amazon the Volvo company grew up rapidly in the late 50s and 60s.The huge plant in Torslanda was built to increase car production up to 200 thousands per year.

In 1966, 144 Volvo model achieved reputation of the safest car. It was equipped with disc brakes on all wheels, 3 point seatbelts etc.

For the production of new compact Volvo 440/460/480 series a factory in Holland was built. Basically, it belonged to the Dutch government, but in the 90s joined the Mitsubishi manufacturing. Today, the factory has name “Ned Car” and produces Volvo S40 and Mitsubishi Carisma.

In 1991 it was produced a new promising model Volvo 850, which changed the style of the brand from the conservative car manufacturer to a dynamic one. Volvo 850 had a new modular 5-cylinder engine developed by Porsche, which in the most powerful version – T5R had 250 hp.

Volvo S80 created in 1998 was an another quality example of innovative technologies in the automotive industry. This model was based on an entirely new platform and contained many new technological innovations.

Today Volvo Cars is a part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group (PAG), which consists of Lincoln, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda and Aston Martin.

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